The videos below provide helpful tutorials necessary to understanding the C2W Platform

C2W Training Videos

3:52 min

Become more familiar with the C2W Home Screen, the central hub for all account activity

  • Icons Menu
  • Campus Selection
  • Search & Filter
  • Group Display
  • Group Messaging
  • Account Messaging Metrics

5:24 min

Learn how easy it is to send & schedule a message to your assigned groups

  • Single/Multi Group

  • Character Counter
  • Merge Fields
  • Inserting Templates
  • S-Click History
  • Test Message

2:32 min

Creating groups is quick & efficient within the C2W platform

  • Group Types
  • Group Description
  • Creating Keywords
  • Assigning Leaders
  • Assigning Tags

5:02 min

Manage your texting groups for maximum ministry participation and effortless control

  • 2-way
  • Auto Response
  • Inbound Notifications
  • Keyword Settings
  • Templates

4:28 min

Learn how to maximize the utilization of the C2W platform through group features

  • 2-way Inbox
  • Scheduled Messages
  • Group Subscribers
  • S-Click

5:09 min

Learn how importing your church or ministry’s database takes the C2W platform to a whole new level

  • Contact Searching
  • Adding Contacts
  • Editing/Deleting a Contact
  • Subscribing Contacts into Groups

4:01 min

Leverage the C2W Drip functionality for automatic follow-up, discipleship, and audience engagement

  • Frequency
  • Drip Message Types
  • Adding Drip Messages
  • Message Sequencing
  • Modifying Messages

2:00 min

No computer? No problem! Learn how Device Delivery can help your ministry in a pinch

  • Text Group from Device
  • On-the-Go Messaging
  • Urgent Notices
  • Last-Minute Changes

7:13 min

Painlessly manage your Ministry by Text account with this helpful tutorial

  • Add & Edit Users
  • Account Admin Settings
  • Payment Plan
  • Campus Management & Settings
  • User Preferences
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